monitor mode

The provendb-sqlserver monitor mode places the provendb-sqlserver in "listening" mode, ready to respond to requests made through the stored procedure interface.

Here is the help for the monitor mode:

✗ provendb-sqlserver monitor --help
Monitor the database for commands.

  $ provendb-sqlserver monitor

  -i, --interval=interval              [default: 120] polling interval
  -m, --maxTime=maxTime                [default: 0] Maximum number of seconds to monitor
  -v, --verbose                        increased logging verbosity
  --config=config                      config file location

  provendb-sqlserver will await requests made through the stored procedure
  interface and execute them.

The arguments are as follows:

intervalNumber of seconds to sleep between processing commands
maxTimeEnd program after this many seconds have passed
configThe configuration file to use