Introduction to ProvenDB

What is ProvenDB?


ProvenDB is a MongoDB compatible database service that combines traditional database capabilities with Blockchain characteristics such as immutability. Using ProvenDB, you can write applications which anchor data to a public Blockchain, providing cryptographic proofs of the integrity and history of the data.

ProvenDB offers most of the functionality of MongoDB, but adds the following features:

  • Immutable data: By default, data in ProvenDB is not destroyed when update or delete operations are issued. Old versions of data remain available indefinitely.
  • Versioned data: Multiple versions of the database state are maintained. The user can navigate to a previous version effectively moving back in time.
  • Blockchain proofs: Database versions and individual documents can be anchored to the Blockchain. These Blockchain proofs can be used to prove the existence, ownership and integrity of individual documents or a complete database version
  • Data provenance: The complete history of a data item can be retrieved, with Blockchain proofs testifying to that history.

You can use ProvenDB:

• To prove you created some content.
• To prove that a document or data has not been tampered with or altered.
• To prove the data of a legal or official document.
• To prove the exact history (provenance) of some data.

ProvenDB is particularly useful for:

• Document Management Systems
• Intellectual Property and Media Management Solutions
• Legal Record Keeping
• Government and Regulatory Applications
• Accounting Systems
• Audit and Access Management Systems