ProvenDB for SQLServer Configuration file

If you specified the --config option during installation, a configuration file will have been created for you. It will look something like this:

  connectionType: SQLSERVER
  connectionString: >-
anchorType: HEDERA
  token: >-
  endpoint: ''

You can modify settings in this file to control the behavior of provendb-sqlserver. You can have multiple configuration files each of which can be invoked by the --config option of the monitor command.

Below are the attributes of the configuration file.

dbConnection.connectionTypeFor provendb-sqlserver, this should always be SQLSERVER
dbConnection.connectionStringConnection string to use when connecting to SQL Server
anchorTypeBlockchain anchor type, such as ETH, BTC or HEDERA See here for a full list.
proofable.tokenAPI key for the Proofable anchoring service - as obtained from ([]. See Signing up and obtaining an API key .
proofable.endpointThe Proofable anchoring service end point. Usually