Configuration file Reference

How to configure ProvenDB for Oracle

In most modes, ProvenDB for Oracle requires a configuration file. This file is in the YAML format. The file contains the connection credentials for Oracle and the Provendb "Proofable" anchoring service, and details of tables that are registered for automatic monitoring.



If no configuration file is specified, the ProvenDB for Oracle will look for a configuration file called provendb.yaml in the current directory.

The following example file might serve as a starting point for a configuration:

# How to connect to Oracle
  connectString: ora12docker
  user: proofable
  password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
anchorType: HEDERA
dbmsAlert: TRUE
  token: eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJleHAiOjE2MDQwMTk3NTgsImp0aSI6Im14NnlZOVpqN1dLakdiMGlXdGlhQUdzSE0yM0lpVDZ1c2FkMXBNQkE2S009Iiwic3ViIjoidTQ0eGl0dXhjbHZkdXRrNzg0aDI3cTlqIn0.ahYWFc8arehKKz6ivrJl7hjukB5j333QGJUpM3Dsfc8

The following table outlines the configuration options:

oracleConnection.connectStringOracle connection alias - typically an entry included in the local tnsnames.ora file
oracleConnection.userUser name for the connection. Usually "provendb"
oracleConnection.passwordPassword for the Oracle connection
anchorTypeBlockchain anchor type, such as ETH, BTC or HEDERA See here for a full list.
dbmsAlertIf TRUE, ProvenDB for Oracle will wake up if a DBMS_ALERT is issued with the topic provendb_alert. See below.
proofable.tokenAPI key for the Proofable anchoring service - as obtained from ([]. See Signing up and obtaining an API key .
proofable.endpointThe Proofable anchoring service end point. Usually



A configuration file can be automatically generated from the provenbOracle install command. See install command reference.