anchor command

Anchor selected rows to a blockchain

The anchor command performs a one-off anchoring of selected database rows to the blockchain specified in the configuration file.


% provendb-oracle anchor --help
Anchor one or more tables to the blockchain.

  $ provendb-oracle anchor

  -v, --verbose        increased logging verbosity
  --config=config      config file location
  --includeRowIds      Include proofs for every row in the proof file
  --includeScn         Include SCN into rowid signature (create historical proof)
  --tables=tables      (required) tables to anchor
  --validate=validate  Validate the proof and output to file
  --where=where        WHERE clause to filter rows

  Anchor reads the current state of selected table, filtered by an options WHERE
  clause.  Rows are hashed and anchored to the blockchain.


--configConfiguration file which contains Oracle and provend DB configuration see Configuration file Reference
--includeRowIdsIf the validate option is specified, include a proof for each row in the output
--includeScnCreate signatures for the rows concerned at the current System Change Number. This option assumes that Flashback queries are enabled. See System Change Numbers and Flashback Query
--tables=tablesTable(s) that are to be anchored. This argument can be specified multiple times to anchor multiple tables.
--validate=validateAfter creating the proof, immediately validate the proof and create a proof file.
--where=whereWHERE clause to be applied to each of the tables being anchored.


% provendb-oracle anchor --tables=PROVENDBDEMO.CONTRACTSTABLE --where=CONTRACTID=1 --validate=contract1.proof --includeRowIds --includeScn
15:48:18.389 INFO  Anchoring Tables: PROVENDBDEMO.CONTRACTSTABLE
15:48:18.393 INFO  Connecting to Oracle...
15:48:18.656 INFO  Connected to Oracle
15:48:18.657 INFO  Connecting to Proofable
15:48:18.697 INFO  PROVENDBDEMO.CONTRACTSTABLE is not flashback managed
15:48:18.713 INFO  Processing  PROVENDBDEMO.CONTRACTSTABLE adhoc: adhocWhere: CONTRACTID=1
15:48:18.764 INFO  --> Anchoring data to HEDERA
15:48:18.764 INFO  1 keys
Anchoring proof: BATCHING
Anchoring proof: QUEUING
Anchoring proof: PROCESSING
Anchoring proof: PENDING
Anchoring proof: CONFIRMED
15:48:23.369 INFO  Saving trie tuoxGe1ErrsgpTwZ6wXvlT to db
15:48:23.460 INFO  Proof tuoxGe1ErrsgpTwZ6wXvlT created and stored to DB
15:48:23.460 INFO  Writing proof for tuoxGe1ErrsgpTwZ6wXvlT to contract1.proof
15:48:24.699 INFO  Wrote proof file to contract1.proof
15:48:24.699 INFO  Proof written to contract1.proof

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