How to install ProvenDB for Oracle

ProvenDB for Oracle is distributed as a standalone binary that can be placed anywhere in your system path.

The installation consists of three steps:

  1. Download the binary and place it in a directory within the system PATH (or run the binary from the directory you have chosen)
  2. Obtain a ProvenDB API key
  3. Install Oracle tables within the target Oracle instance.


Pre requisites

ProvenDB for Oracle requires Oracle client binaries. Make sure you have installed the Oracle Instant Client binaries from here

You can download the ProvenDB for Oracle binaries for your Operating System from ProvenDB download page here.


The best way to install the provendb-oracle binaries is to click the Copy Script button and paste that text into a terminal window. The script will set permissions and perform any other tasks necessary to make the binary work on each platform. Here's an example of executing the script on Mac:

$ sudo bash -c "$(eval "$(if [[ $(command -v curl) ]]; then echo "curl -fsSL"; else echo "wget -qO-"; fi)")"
Installing from `` to `/usr/local/bin`...

  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
 76 27.5M   76 20.9M    0     0  9410k      0  0:00:02  0:00:02 --:--:-- 9406kx provendb-oracle
100 27.5M  100 27.5M    0     0  11.0M      0  0:00:02  0:00:02 --:--:-- 11.0M

If you prefer, you can click the Download button and install the files manually. All files in the archive should be extracted to a directory in the system path. On Mac and Windows you may need to approve the installation with administrator credentials.

Once you've installed the ProvenDB for Oracle binaries you can go on to create a ProvenDB for Oracle account, and configure your Oracle Database to use ProvenDB for Oracle.