ProvenDB for SQLServer Concepts

ProvenDB for SQLServer brings the strength of blockchain immutability and tamper-proofing to SQLServer databases.

When data is added to or modified in a database being monitored by ProvenDB for SQLServer, cryptographic signatures of the data are created. These signatures can be "signed" by your company's cryptographic key (possibly the same key that guarantees the identity of your website). These signatures are aggregated and anchored to a public Blockchain such as Bitcoin, Hedera or Ethereum.


Figure 1 ProvenDB for SQLServer architecture

Once anchored to the public Blockchain, the signatures form an impeccable and irrefutable proof of the integrity and origin time of the SQLServer rows. The Blockchain record – which cannot be altered by any known technology – proves the overall integrity and timestamp of items in the database, eliminating any possibility of undetected tampering or backdating.