Command reference

Options for the Provendb for Oracle command line tool

The provendb-oracle command line tool implements all of the functionality of ProvenDB for Oracle. The tool contains a build in hemp system that can be invoked by the --help option. For instance:

$ provendb-oracle --help
ProvenDB Connector for Oracle

  provendb-oracle/0.0.0 darwin-x64 node-v12.18.1

  $ provendb-oracle [COMMAND]

  anchor        Anchor one or more tables to the blockchain.
  autocomplete  display autocomplete installation instructions
  help          display help for provendb-oracle
  history       List version history for a specific rows
  install       Installs the ProvenDB for Oracle users and tables
  monitor       Monitor the database for changes.
  validate      Validate a rowId against the most recent proof.

To get help for a specific command issue the command together with the --help option:

$ provendb-oracle install --help
Installs the ProvenDB for Oracle users and tables

  $ provendb-oracle install

  -v, --verbose                        increased logging verbosity
  --config=config                      Create config file
  --createDemoAccount                  Create the ProofableDemo account
  --dropExisting                       Drop existing users if they exist
  --oracleConnect=oracleConnect        (required) Oracle connection String
  --provendbPassword=provendbPassword  (required) ProvenDB User Password
  --provendbUser=provendbUser          [default: provendb] ProvenDB User Name (defaut: provendb)
  --sysPassword=sysPassword            SYS Password