Managing users

When you create your ProvenDB service you nominate a username and password for the initial connection (see Creating a ProvenDB service ]). You must use this username and password for your initial connection.

Subsequent to that connection, you may manage additional users with the mongodb createUser, modifyUser and dropUser commands. Below is an example of creating, modifying and dropping a user:

provendb> db.createUser({
...    user: "fred",
...    pwd: "fred" }
... );
Successfully added user: { "user" : "fred" }
provendb> db.updateUser(
...    "fred",
...    {pwd: "aBetterPassword"});
provendb> db.dropUser("fred");



Note: You may not delete the administrative user created when your service was first instantiated



You need not specify any roles in this version of ProvenDB. All users have complete access to all database commands in the current version. A future version of ProvenDB will support role-based security.

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