Exporting your document proof

You might be concerned that your Blockchain proofs are dependent on the ProvenDB Document Management application. If we go out of business, become too expensive, or somehow make it impractical for you to store your documents with us what happens to your proofs?

If you are worried about any of that then you should export an archive of your proofs. This archive contains your document, the Blockchain proof and instructions on how to validate that proof without ProvenDB Document Management.

To export an archive press "Download Archive" from the Action menu on the file you wish to export


The archive is a Zip file that contains everything stored in ProvenDB Document Management relating to your document and its proof. Inside the Zip file you will find:

  • The file which was uploaded
  • The file data and metadata in ProvenDB Document Management format
  • The blockchain proof in Chainpoint binary format
  • The blockchain proof in Chainpoint JSON format
  • The PDF blockchain proof certificate
  • A Readme.txt file which describes the content of the archive.

Asides from the readme.txt file, the PDF proof and your document, these files are not generally expected to be read by humans. Instead, they can be used to validate your proof.