Oracle Installation

How to install ProvenDB for Oracle

Once you've downloaded the ProvenDB for Oracle binary, you should install the provendb user and internal tables using the provendb-oracle install command. This command has the following usage:

proofable-oracle$ ./provendb-oracle install  --help
Installs the ProvenDB for Oracle users and tables

  $ provendb-oracle install

  -v, --verbose                                        increased logging verbosity
  --config=config                                    Create config file
  --createDemoAccount                        Create the ProofableDemo account
  --dropExisting                                      Drop existing users if they exist
  --oracleConnect=oracleConnect        (required) Oracle connection String
  --provendbPassword=provendbPassword  (required) Oracle connection String
  --sysPassword=sysPassword              SYS Password

The installer takes the following arguments:

configStringIf specified, a configuration file for the newly installed provendb configuration will be created
createDemoAccountNoneIf specified a provendbdemo account will be created with sample tables
dropExistingNoneIf specified, existing user accounts will be dropped if they already exist
oracleConnectStringMandatory. The Oracle connection to use - either an EZconnect string or a TNSnames alias
provendbPasswordStringPassword to be used for the new Provendb user (mandatory)
sysPasswordStringPassword for the SYS account in the target database. Will be prompted for if not provided.
dbaUserNameStringDBA user for the installation (instead of SYS)
dbaPasswordStringPassword for the DBA user

Here is an example installer session:

$ provendb-oracle install --oracleConnect=centosdb --dropExisting --provendbPassword=DBEnvy2016 --createDemoAccount --sysPassword=DBEnvy2016 --config=mynewconfig.yaml
14:32:31.353 INFO  Connecting to Oracle as SYS...
14:32:31.803 INFO  Connected to SYS
14:32:31.803 INFO  Installing ProvenDB for Oracle users and tables
14:32:31.804 INFO  Dropping existing users
14:32:32.107 INFO  Creating ProvenDB user
14:32:32.280 INFO  Creating demo account
14:32:32.384 INFO  Installing ProvenDB user tables
14:32:32.546 INFO  Connected to provendb
14:32:32.700 INFO  Creating demo tables
14:32:32.865 INFO  Connected to provendbdemo
14:32:33.075 INFO  Install complete
14:32:33.078 INFO  Wrote new config to mynewconfig.yaml



If you auto-generated a configuration file, then a trial key will be inserted into the file. To use your own key you will need to add your API key to the configuration file. See Configuration file Reference .

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