MongoDB Compass

I am new to ProvenDB. Can I connect via MongoDB Compass without loading the MongoDB Shell? When I enter my connection string I get a message "certificate has expired"

Unable to connect using Go

Hey, Just trying to connect to the mongodb instance using the standard mongo-driver package in go, however I am unable to establish a connection this way. I can log in perfectly fine using the latest version of the MongoDB shell on Windows. My code for connecting is this: ~~~~ package main import ( "context" "log" "" "" "" ) func GetClient() *mongo.Client { clientOptions := options.Client().ApplyURI("mongodb://testuser:********") client, err := mongo.NewClient(clientOptions) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } err = client.Connect(context.Background()) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } return client } func main() { c := GetClient() err := c.Ping(context.Background(), readpref.Primary()) if err != nil { log.Fatal("Couldn't connect to the database - ", err) } else { log.Println("Connected!") } } ~~~~ Any help would be awesome.

Connection fail

When I try to connect I have this error: connecting to: mongodb:// 2019-10-28T11:25:28.669+0100 E QUERY [js] Error: couldn't connect to server, connection attempt failed: SocketException: sslv3 alert unexpected message : connect@src/mongo/shell/mongo.js:257:13 @(connect):1:6 exception: connect failed

Cannot connect to service from mongo shell

I have installed mongosh-1.5.1-win32-x64 When trying to connect to my service from mongosh shell, i'm getting the error MongoServerSelectionError: connect ETIMEDOUT

MongoDB Atlas: Username already exists.

MongoDB Atlas: 409 A user with username "Test" already exists. { "message": "MongoDB Atlas: 409 A user with username "Test" already exists.", "code": "ATLAS_USER_ALREADY_EXISTS", "deletable": false, "humanInterventionNeeded": true } How to fix this issue? Delete functionality not available!

error occur when connecting with MongoDB Compass

BSON field 'OperationSessionInfo.$clusterTime' is a duplicate field

DragonGlass Transaction Links in Proof Certificate not working

I can see transaction links (via dragonglass) on the proof certificate do not show any results on dragonglass. Am i missing something? The transaction id is however searchable on other explorers.

I get this error everytime I try to create a new service.

{"message":"(Location51002) Role \"superadmin@elderlyhealthappdb\" already exists","code":"UNKNOWN","deletable":false,"humanInterventionNeeded":true} All the time I get this error when I am trying to create a new service