MongoDB Compass

I am new to ProvenDB. Can I connect via MongoDB Compass without loading the MongoDB Shell? When I enter my connection string I get a message "certificate has expired"

Connection fail

When I try to connect I have this error: connecting to: mongodb:// 2019-10-28T11:25:28.669+0100 E QUERY [js] Error: couldn't connect to server, connection attempt failed: SocketException: sslv3 alert unexpected message : [email protected]/mongo/shell/mongo.js:257:13 @(connect):1:6 exception: connect failed

What does ProvenDB cost?

Do I have to pay to try ProvenDB and how much does it cost to put data on the blockchain with it?

Unable to connect using Go

Hey, Just trying to connect to the mongodb instance using the standard mongo-driver package in go, however I am unable to establish a connection this way. I can log in perfectly fine using the latest version of the MongoDB shell on Windows. My code for connecting is this: ~~~~ package main import ( "context" "log" "" "" "" ) func GetClient() *mongo.Client { clientOptions := options.Client().ApplyURI("mongodb://testuser:********") client, err := mongo.NewClient(clientOptions) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } err = client.Connect(context.Background()) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } return client } func main() { c := GetClient() err := c.Ping(context.Background(), readpref.Primary()) if err != nil { log.Fatal("Couldn't connect to the database - ", err) } else { log.Println("Connected!") } } ~~~~ Any help would be awesome.

Can anyone see my blockchain data?

I've heard that the Blockchain is _public_ meaning that anyone can see what is on it. If I place some data into ProvenDB and prove it on the blockchain, does that mean anyone can read my data?


I submitted a question earlier before I signed up and wondered if you had received it.

Do I need to know about blockchain and MongoDB to use ProvenDB?

Do I need to be an expert in MongoDB and blockchain to be able to create an application on ProvenDB?

What blockchain does ProvenDB Use?

What blockchain (bitcoin, ethereum, etc...) does ProvenDB use for posting proofs? Do you plan to support other or private blockchains in the future?

What do I do when I get a "Your Service Will Be Paused" email?

I received an email saying "Your Service Will be Paused" then a second email later saying "Your Service Is Paused", what do I do about this?

Why am I getting "SocketException: sslv3 alert"

If you are running your mongo client from within a docker container, and that mongo client is version 4.2, then you may get a "SocketException: sslv3 alert" when connecting. If this occurs, you can add the `--tls --tlsDisabledProtocols TLS1_3` flags to your connection string and you should be able to connect normally.