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Add comment button was not working

Hi, sorry for writing here but the add comment button was not working on my previous post. This is the answer to this post:

Yes, you are right, I meant submitProof.
So I created now again two documents in the database "xf1" in the collection "col_uploadedFiles" with the ids:
601e5125cf2db37b71deff4a, 601e5125cf2db37b71deff4b
Then I submit this command:
"{submitProof:45, collections:'col_uploadedFiles', filter: {_id: ObjectId('601e5125cf2db37b71deff4b')}, anchorType: 'ETH_MAINNET'}"
Now just 601e5125cf2db37b71deff4b should be verified by the blockchain.

But when I fo a getProof for 601e5125cf2db37b71deff4a,
I get this response:
"{ "ok" : 1, "proofs" : [{ "collection" : "col_uploadedFiles", "scope" : "collection", "version" : 45, "documentId" : { "$oid" : "601e5125cf2db37b71deff4a" }, "versionProofId" : "9b4ce6f3-9955-4076-86ba-4763ef71b07f", "status" : "Pending", "documentHash" : "38a6d2b0bf681e43fb0186901a009955854a3af02c680223e3333a48cea9c80b", "versionHash" : "a3a27437f28b3c47a0c574f45d02dbc84cc1670c74c8ddedb7cca07e67c35d4b", "errmsg" : "The proof is not yet valid" }] }"

It would be nice if you can check.