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Single mongodb document prove in blockchain

When I create two documents in a collection in the mongo provendb these documents are at first not proofed in the blockchain. So far so good.
When I now make the getProof request and use a filter for a single document (the second one) this document gets approved. Also fine. But when I check now the proof status of the first document it says that this document is also approved with the version number from the second document. The version number of this prove is the version of the second document. This is the first strange thing.
When I then check the history of the first document I see that the newest version number is the one which it was created and not the one which will be shown in getProof. So I now have a document in the database which is approved but with a version number which is not existing for this document.

When I use the verification command I see that the VersionHash and DocumentHash are the same for the second document. But for the fist document they differ. Nevertheless the command says that the document status is valid.

Can you please explain me why the first document is valid even if I make a filter for just the second document. And I want to know also why the versionId which is shown in the getProof process does not exist in the history of the first document?