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submitProof command not working sometimes

tried using both collection level and database level proofs but same thing happen. Also purchased the developer plan but no luck. Here is the service(for a document level proof) & the error:

submitProof: currentVersion,
collections: ["provenDiamonds"],
filter: newDocument, },
(error, res) => {
if (error) {
reject("Could not submitproof for version.");
} else {
resolve("New proof created.", res);


MongoServerError: UNAVAILABLE: io exception
at MessageStream.messageHandler (F:\Builds\test\node_modules\mongodb\lib\cmap\connection.js:467:30)
at MessageStream.emit (events.js:315:20)
at processIncomingData (F:\Builds\test\node_modules\mongodb\lib\cmap\message_stream.js:108:16)
at MessageStream._write (F:\Builds\test\node_modules\mongodb\lib\cmap\message_stream.js:28:9)
at writeOrBuffer (internal/streams/writable.js:358:12)
at MessageStream.Writable.write (internal/streams/writable.js:303:10)
at TLSSocket.ondata (internal/streams/readable.js:719:22)
at TLSSocket.emit (events.js:315:20)
at addChunk (internal/streams/readable.js:309:12)
at readableAddChunk (internal/streams/readable.js:284:9) {
ok: 0,
code: 125,
codeName: 'CommandFailed'

the thing is those documents stored in the database without a proof and the request not get resolved or rejected either. Here I attached the output when I try to get the proof of such documents using getDocumentProof.

"collection": "provenDiamonds",
"version": 25,
"documentId": "61de71ac00c5985c343f70e3",
"errmsg": "There is no proof for this version of the document"